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How to Tie Dye using Acrylic Paint

I absolutely love coming up with ideas for accomplishing what hasn’t been done yet. Over the past several weeks I’ve really been into tie dye. It all started out with the idea to turn a boring t-shirt into a work of true art by applying color to it.

At first I began using sharpie pen science, and this worked great until I washed the garment. What I found was that the colors quickly faded, after one wash. Needless to say, I knew this method wasn’t going to work. I want my t-shirts to look fresh, and colorful.

The traditional ways of tie dye is to use rit color dye, which I didn’t have nor did I want to buy. My mind began to shuffle through my personal library of craft products. I had lots of acrylic paint.

Using google search engine, I typed in the phrase “tie dye using acrylic paint”. I found only a few articles or tutorials actually using acrylic paint for tie dye. The process involved diluting it with boiling water. I didn’t want to try this because I knew that acrylic paint had lots of other chemicals in it, which causes stiffness in fabric when dry. I didn’t feel this process would actually be helpful in removing those chemicals thus removing stiffness associated with dried acrylic paint once applied to fabric.

So… What did I do? I became a little impatient because, I would rather be experimenting about it, instead of reading. So that is what I did and decided to use the method of rubbing alcohol combining acrylic paints.    Picked out a few colors of paint, splattered them  to a tray, and began painting  the t-shirt.  Afterward, I poured alcohol over the painted material, slipped on rubber gloves to rub, twist, and remove the excess oils or whatever didn’t belong there and it worked! What was left was the absorption of color to my shirt.

As I went along using this method, other ideas began to formulate. Finally, I documented the ideas and made a couple of how to videos for using Acrylic Paint for Tie Dye. Click the links below to view.

Part 1

Part 2

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