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Learn how to crochet a Lucky Pouch Bag (free tutorial)

I had wanted to make up a free tutorial on youtube demonstrating how to crochet up my Lucky Pouch Bag design.
I am proud to announce that day has finally come. You can check out my youtube tutorial below.

The craft thread is found in a variety of colors. They are quick and easy to crochet which means quick gifts just in time for the holidays.

They are small; average size is 2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. Try alternating red, and white for the Christmas spirit. Fill them up with coins, candy, rocks, lip balm, or anything that will fit, and tie them to the outside of the box.

Make them up as a tree ornament filled with Potpourri, or fill it with mistletoe.

I have also found the pouch bag, good used as a sachet. Simply fill them with lavender or any herb scent or cedar chips, and hang them in the closet or tuck away in a shoe.

Why there are many uses, if you let your imagination run free.

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