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Quick & Easy Pumpkin Patch Pouch Bag Crochet Pattern Tutorial


Are you the type of person who loves to haunt the house and go all out for your party guests on Halloween?

Want something different to hand out to your little goblins as they come thru the door?

Than I have a nice Crochet Pattern idea to share. It’s called the Pumpkin Patch Pouch Bag!  That’s a real tongue twister right?

Like all my pouch bags the little ones love to wear them around their necks.

This Party Fun Favorite will give you an opportunity to stand out with ghostly flair! You’ll be known as the “fun-fest party host” on the block because you’ve gifted them with a little Pumpkin Pouch Bag, made with love and filled with candies they are sure to gobble down in no time!

Guests (kids) get to keep the pouch bag as a reminder of what a cool party you threw!

Pouch bags can be filled with M&M’s, Corn Candy, Reese’s pieces, or Skittles to name a few.

If you want each pouch bag to have a greater meaning imagine rewarding them to the winners of the “apple bobbing” or “best costume” contest.

A single bag can be crocheted up in just a few short hours depending on skill level or how fast you are.

So dig out your 2.5 Crochet Hook, grab two colors (orange & green) cotton thread and allow me to show you how it’s done.

Hurry time is ticking!  Watch to see how many Pumpkin Pouch Bags you can make in time for Halloween.


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How To Help Your Kids; Spark Their Imagination With Rock Painting


When I was a little girl, my grandmother would come up with really fun ways to entertain me. She’d drive us to the rock quarry where we’d pick out rocks to bring home, glue together, and paint.

The intention was to pick out rocks of different shapes and size to form specific animals when glued together.

For instance flat round, (big or small) type rocks worked well for the head.   An elongated shaped rock, worked well for the body, and the legs could be made from medium-sized round pebble type rocks, (we might use several, depending on what we were trying to create).

What a blast we would have together, we’d spend hours making turtles, dogs, cats, mice, or whatever we could imagine from the rocks.

It wasn’t just the act of picking rocks, and making something from them that was so much fun. It was more about making memories, and spending time with my grandmother.  We bonded as we created these little creatures with our imaginations.

Who would have thought a few rocks, acrylic paint, glue, and our mutual love of art, could turn into a lifetime of artistic adventure I’d never forget!

More importantly I learned how to entertain myself through art; how to captivate and use my God-given imagination.

Our times spent together created memories that I have long cherished after she passed.

I’d always remember the time my grandmother gave me, and what value it had.  If ever I wanted to connect with her, it would be through memory, of our time spent.  It was a spark of imagination that became my “go-to” when I needed time to de-stress.

As an adult, my imagination took  art to a whole new level.

I love abstract art and have found it easier for me to paint from my imagination when there is something there to work with.    I have found the more odd-shaped the rock, the easier it is for me to come up with images from the rocks natural inclusions.

What I discover sometimes even rocks have stories to tell.  It’s amazing at what came from these rocks as I painted.

Rocks became keep sake and memorandums. Each place I’d visit, I would pick up a rock or two or three. I seem drawn to heart-shaped rocks or abstract odd shapes.  I’d use rocks to remind me of a special place, moment, or time, or just because I found it beautiful. I usually pick them up from many places such as the ocean, lake, or find one as I’m walking on the street. It really doesn’t matter. If I’m inspired to pick it up, I will. What I do with it, will come later.

I decided they would make nice gifts.

They are far nicer than a greeting card. I began painting rocks with messages and glued a magnet to the back. People really enjoy this ingenious idea!   It not only sends the person a message of love it’s a reminder of the person who made it.

I created this video demonstrating some of the rock paintings I have completed.  My hope is that in doing so, it may inspire someone else to discover for themselves, what imagination can bring forth from the rocks, and what great abstract art they make.

It might actually be the one thing you could do with your own child or someone special that will help them learn to use their imagination, which in turn would give them something positive and creative to do with their time. These days kids can easily lose touch with these natural gifts we have been given.

Kids have wild imaginations. Are you are a teacher?  It’s a super fun class project to do with your students. I guarantee you will become their favorite teacher, and one they won’t forget!

For me creating art is twofold. Not only do I love to paint, and create. I love to inspire others to see what a little imagination, paint brush, and acrylic paint, can do.

Besides having fun– painting works wonders to reduce stress. Turn on your favorite music; get out the rocks, and get to painting. See what comes up and out.  Get ready to be amazed!





DIY: Marble Glass Brush Cleaner Tank -Brush Saving Tips for Artists

Most recently while watching an artist paint on youtube.

I noticed he had a very unique new type of brush tank that he used to clean his art brushes. Ok, (it may not have been new on the market), it was just new to me. Something I hadn’t seen before; I thought was cool.

After giving much thought to ways I could create my own at home, I finally came up with a DIY: Brush Tank Cleaner utilizing Old Glass Marbles.

This brush tank is made very simply.   Gather up a glass, plastic jar, or container.  Marbles, and or glass tiles. I recommend the glass have beveled edges.

All you do is add the marbles or glass jar about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up, and fill with water.

While painting, it’s always a good idea to have two jars; one filled with mild soap and water (to clean off the majority of paint), and, the other jar is than filled with clean clear water, and your choice of glass or marbles.

Hope you find this tutorial useful.

Aluminum Foil Canvas, Floral Abstract, Eye Brow Brush Painting

This video is a demonstration/ practice piece of art painting on foil. It was recorded for the purpose of using techniques I discovered while watching one of my favorite artists paint a beautiful abstract, using a broom! That’s right!, you read it right. She painted the entire canvas using a broom, and it came out amazing.

Of course what you will see me use to paint is what I thought might work in a similar fashion, on a much smaller scale of course!

My hope in submitting this practice paint video, is to help inspire others towards creating their own works of art by using things like brooms, eyebrow brushes, or even ordinary household aluminum foil.

The point and intention is to have fun. Be creative, and see what comes from it.

Great project to do with kids!

How to Quickly Tie Dye with Acrylic Paint

This video tutorial demonstration explains the quick and easy version, of my two part video series on How to Tie Dye using Acrylic Paint.

What you will learn, is how to quickly add a Tie Dyed look, to a shirt with print. Also “How to Hide Permanent Stains” by utilizing this method.

How To Re-Use Cosmetic Air Pump Bottles: Travel Kits

Neutrogena is one of my favorite products of all time. I have been using one in particular called Healthy skin enhancer, which combines three of the skins daily essentials all in one. This product sort of seems like the new BB creams that everyone is raving about, except it has been around a lot longer. I have been using it in just that way for years.

 Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer is not only a great product in and of itself; the bottles are too good to toss in the trash.
 I had been reluctantly tossing these little gems  into the trash>> Click here for full article. 
Or watch the video instead.

How to Tie Dye using Acrylic Paint

I absolutely love coming up with ideas for accomplishing what hasn’t been done yet. Over the past several weeks I’ve really been into tie dye. It all started out with the idea to turn a boring t-shirt into a work of true art by applying color to it.

At first I began using sharpie pen science, and this worked great until I washed the garment. What I found was that the colors quickly faded, after one wash. Needless to say, I knew this method wasn’t going to work. I want my t-shirts to look fresh, and colorful.

The traditional ways of tie dye is to use rit color dye, which I didn’t have nor did I want to buy. My mind began to shuffle through my personal library of craft products. I had lots of acrylic paint.

Using google search engine, I typed in the phrase “tie dye using acrylic paint”. I found only a few articles or tutorials actually using acrylic paint for tie dye. The process involved diluting it with boiling water. I didn’t want to try this because I knew that acrylic paint had lots of other chemicals in it, which causes stiffness in fabric when dry. I didn’t feel this process would actually be helpful in removing those chemicals thus removing stiffness associated with dried acrylic paint once applied to fabric.

So… What did I do? I became a little impatient because, I would rather be experimenting about it, instead of reading. So that is what I did and decided to use the method of rubbing alcohol combining acrylic paints.    Picked out a few colors of paint, splattered them  to a tray, and began painting  the t-shirt.  Afterward, I poured alcohol over the painted material, slipped on rubber gloves to rub, twist, and remove the excess oils or whatever didn’t belong there and it worked! What was left was the absorption of color to my shirt.

As I went along using this method, other ideas began to formulate. Finally, I documented the ideas and made a couple of how to videos for using Acrylic Paint for Tie Dye. Click the links below to view.

Part 1

Part 2

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