Where imagination & creation takes place



At HanieBCreations– Anything goes; it isn’t bound by limits of the mind.
This blog-site is a dedicated to anyone who either IS, or has a desire TO BE more creative.
“You are so creative, I wish I were”, is what people often say to me.
If you are one of those people, STOP!– rewind and unleash the wish.
Take the first step!
Go.. Do whatever it is you wish or love to do, but didn’t think you could!
The love, or wish is calling you!
Creation happens when the mind draws from the imagination. The mind takes ideas and concepts from the imagination. And creativity helps bring them about.
God made, the heavens and the earth and everything between.
It’s my belief, we should all make the best use of each talent, and gift because it’s how we’re created.
“The only thing holding you back is the belief in your mind”, which is actually a limit.
Remember, this site isn’t “bound by limits of the mind”. So if you want to be more creative, than go with it, and get to it!
Journal writing has been a faithful tool used to unleash ideas.
Writing has allowed me to dream big. It’s been the one safe place I share desires, goals, and spill my heart. ( I recommend it)! There, I can also rant and rave about the injustice’s done in this cold, bitter-sweet world.
The information on this blog  is authentic. It’s where I share my own heart, & experiences in life.
In this space I share, how to articles & ideas for you to use, and enjoy.
I also make video’s to help keep you inspired.
Please join me, HanieB. on a journey. Where my vision, and imaginative mind unfold in most creative ways.  You are welcome to walk, skip, or stumble along if you choose.  Let me know you’re here, and follow this blog.
If nothing else, you might learn a thing or two..
Enjoy & have fun!




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