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Will the Baby Squirrel be reunited with its Mama?

Visiting my mom, I happened to be in the right place at just the right time to help rescue this little baby squirrel from getting mangled to death by a stray cat!

The event unfolded in the most unexpected way. I couldn’t believe the timing!


I awoke to what I thought would be just another ordinary Sunday. I always awake early, and today wasn’t any different.

I made morning coffee, got the dog fed, and almost always take a glance out the kitchen window. For some reason, I
skipped that part as I set the dog food bowl down, me heard a sound outside I hadn’t heard before.

Was it a bird? I wasn’t sure.

Whatever it was sure had a very high-pitched scream and sounded as if it were crying!

I wondered if it was some rare type of bird. I looked out the kitchen window in hopes I’d see something.

I noticed the stray cat wagging its tail looking down into the dirt behind a bush with a playful (I want to mangle you) look on its face.

A sinking feeling came over me,… ah-oh I thought!

She has this poor little creature whatever it might be.

I immediately rushed to the door opening as fast as I could and thank god the cat came running toward me and away from whatever she was playing with or mangling!

As I moved closer to the high-pitched sound where, I became a little fearful of what I might see.

As I look down I wondered what this adorable little thing lying there crying frantically could be! Its little mouth was so BIG for such a little guy. No blood-THANK GOD!

Watch as I tell the story in the most creative way I am able to tell it. And be a witness of what I experienced. 


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