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Medicine bottles are useful. Why doesn’t anyone re-use them?

I really had to think  about this.

In doing so, I began to wonder why ideas about re-purposing had not been done.

I mean, even historically I don’t recall people ever making much of anything out of medicine bottles.

Remember back in the day when film cameras was all we had to capture images?  You may have noticed people re-using the containers to hold many other small objects. What about tin containers? Such as Altoids boxes.

Yeah.. it seemed as if, most people found some other type of use for any other type of container except the medicine bottle. I have yet to see anyone post much about these containers.

I pondered on this, and the only thought that arose in my mind was maybe it is because they are so easily identifiable as medicine bottles that most people, (more than likely) don’t want to have them around if they don’t actually take medicine. Or..

Maybe it’s the opposite; They have to take a lot medicine, think the bottle is ugly, reminds them of the ugly reason they had to take the medicine, and so when finished it automatically becomes trash to the bottle of the drug it held.

Isn’t it interesting?  Truth is, I don’t have answer. And ( why do I need one? ) I thought.

One might say, people didn’t do anything interesting with cardboard boxes either, but now look at all that is being done with them.

This is true.

I think in the last decade, due to global warming, we were all forced to look at ways to re-cycle and re-purpose.

Plastic bags are now cut up, and crocheted into more durable grocery bags that last.  Card board, magazines, and other items that people wouldn’t have ever thought to create from, in the past; have now put their thinking caps on, and created new amazing uses for them.

I enjoy all the creations people have come up with.

If you are an artsy person who loves to paint, draw, ink, or create.  Make use of medicine bottles.  Once prepped they make a fun canvas.  Ink em, paint em, create something.  Sell them for a small fee, give them to friends, donate.

There are many uses, and especially if you are an outdoor person, water sports person, camper,beach bum, hippy, or hiker, (lots of smiles here, just trying to think of the type of people who would appreciate them most).

I am almost  positive you creative, artist types have tried to ink them up.

Strangely, not even a permanent marker such as Sharpie Pen would stick to these darn things!

Could this be the answer? Well…

If there is one thing I am not afraid of, it is a good challenge.  Ideas seem flood my mind like a dime a dozen. (not bragging).  Yet, naturally, it went to work on figuring out a way to get ink, like Sakura gel pens, (my favorite) permanent markers, acrylic paint, or even watercolor pencils grasp to these containers solid enough so they can actually be re-used and handled without the works of art rubbing off.

This idea however, did not come without time, patience, and persistence.  AND I might also give credit where credit is due for the primer/base I found to use, which is Plastic Paint by Rust-Oleum (also a newer product within recent years).  Thank God!

This product was a huge help.

I tried other products to help with adhesion prior to painting or inking the bottles,  but nothing, and I mean nothing worked long-term. Anything that used just peeled, or rubbed right off over time.

I am still experimenting with different ideas in order that I might share them with others. I think this is the driving force. I want to share what comes to mind.

If you want to see the process I have discovered. Check out my video on how to prepare them to use as an art canvas that will not only allow you to make them beautiful, but actually use the bottles without the art rubbing or peeling off.

While at it, be sure to visit my channel videos for more about what products work best for your art creations.

Have fun, and don’t forget to have a Creeaaaative Day!


http:/<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/pWOYZkRHF-Q&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>








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