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Will the Baby Squirrel be reunited with its Mama?

Visiting my mom, I happened to be in the right place at just the right time to help rescue this little baby squirrel from getting mangled to death by a stray cat!

The event unfolded in the most unexpected way. I couldn’t believe the timing!


I awoke to what I thought would be just another ordinary Sunday. I always awake early, and today wasn’t any different.

I made morning coffee, got the dog fed, and almost always take a glance out the kitchen window. For some reason, I
skipped that part as I set the dog food bowl down, me heard a sound outside I hadn’t heard before.

Was it a bird? I wasn’t sure.

Whatever it was sure had a very high-pitched scream and sounded as if it were crying!

I wondered if it was some rare type of bird. I looked out the kitchen window in hopes I’d see something.

I noticed the stray cat wagging its tail looking down into the dirt behind a bush with a playful (I want to mangle you) look on its face.

A sinking feeling came over me,… ah-oh I thought!

She has this poor little creature whatever it might be.

I immediately rushed to the door opening as fast as I could and thank god the cat came running toward me and away from whatever she was playing with or mangling!

As I moved closer to the high-pitched sound where, I became a little fearful of what I might see.

As I look down I wondered what this adorable little thing lying there crying frantically could be! Its little mouth was so BIG for such a little guy. No blood-THANK GOD!

Watch as I tell the story in the most creative way I am able to tell it. And be a witness of what I experienced. 


How to Eat a Pomegranate

Pomegranates have been a long time favorite fruit of many.  In California the Pomegranate flowers begin blooming start of August, and by late September to beginning of October the pomegranates are usually full ripe, and ready to pick off and eat!

Aside from being one of the most delicious fruits on the planet..

Pomegranates have extraordinary health benefits

They are loaded with powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamin C, and are beneficial to the production of collagen which helps keep your skin, hair, and nails youthful looking all year round!

Some people avoid eating pomegranates or enjoying the fruit indoors due to the mess they can make,  and have resorted to spending extra money at the grocery store to buy the seeds ready to eat. I used to be one of those people.

If you’re anything like me though, you will figure out a way to get to the goods yourself without the mess, to ingest the amazing health benefits of the Pomegranate.

Below is the method I have discovered, by simple process called trial and error.

Click Link to Watch How to Cut, Peel, & Eat a Pomegranate

For a deeper study into the history of Pomegranates as they relate to the different cultures throughout history, visit the website below.

Global Healing Center

When visiting Kauai Hawaii, I was really attracted to the Plumeria flower trees. I loved the smell, and the flowers come in a variety of colors from white, to yellow and pink. The Plumeria’s were everywhere!

The smell of these flowers made me so happy I decided to make a nice floral arraignments with a variety of flowers including those for our cottage during our stay.

With our last day approaching, I knew the one thing I’d miss greatly was the smell of these flowers.  With the abundance of flowers accessible to me, I decided I wanted to make my own Hawaiian Lei, so that I could enjoy them for the flight home as well.

As it turned out creating my own Lei was a great success! So I made sure to take notes, & photographs to document the process to share with others.

If you would like to try to make your own Hawaiian Lei, I’ve created a step by step document.

Please click link to receive the Digital Download as my free gift to you.


How to Make a Familiar Style Hawaiian Lei

I wanted to make a free tutorial on YouTube demonstrating how to crochet my Lucky Pouch Bag  Crochet design.
I am happy to announce that day has finally come. You can check out my YouTube tutorial below.

The craft thread is found in a variety of colors.  I think you will find the Pouch Bag is quick and easy to crochet; which means You can make quick gifts just in time for the holidays.

They are small; average size is 2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.

Try alternating red, and white for the Christmas spirit. Fill them up with coins, candy, rocks, lip balm, or anything that will fit, and tie them to the outside of the box.

Make them up as a tree ornament filled with Potpourri, or fill it with mistletoe.

I have also found the pouch bag, good used as a sachet. Simply fill them with lavender or any herb scent or cedar chips, and hang them in the closet or tuck away in a shoe.

There are many uses, if you let your imagination run free.

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Are you the type of person who loves to haunt the house and go all out for your party guests on Halloween?

Want something different to hand out to your little goblins as they come thru the door?

Than I have a nice Crochet Pattern idea to share. It’s called the Pumpkin Patch Pouch Bag!  That’s a real tongue twister right?

Like all my pouch bags the little ones love to wear them around their necks.

This Party Fun Favorite will give you an opportunity to stand out with ghostly flair! You’ll be known as the “fun-fest party host” on the block because you’ve gifted them with a little Pumpkin Pouch Bag, made with love and filled with candies they are sure to gobble down in no time!

Guests (kids) get to keep the pouch bag as a reminder of what a cool party you threw!

Pouch bags can be filled with M&M’s, Corn Candy, Reese’s pieces, or Skittles to name a few.

If you want each pouch bag to have a greater meaning imagine rewarding them to the winners of the “apple bobbing” or “best costume” contest.

A single bag can be crocheted up in just a few short hours depending on skill level or how fast you are.

So dig out your 2.5 Crochet Hook, grab two colors (orange & green) cotton thread and allow me to show you how it’s done.

Hurry time is ticking!  Watch to see how many Pumpkin Pouch Bags you can make in time for Halloween.


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Oh how we love our little pooch furry friends.

Keeping them warm during winter is easy if we supply them with a little extra cuddle around their necks.  

Watch how happy your little pooch becomes when you’ve worked up my FREE Infinity Neck Warmer for him/her to wear. Get the pattern here

DSC_1650 copy


How to Crochet the Infinity Neck Warmer for Small Dog Breeds



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Quick and easy crochet tiny pouch bag tutorial using cotton thread.

Pack it up with lavender, cedar chips, or your favorite fragrance; hang or place in a drawer as a sachet to keep your clothes smelling fresh and alive.

Kids love em, and they can use the pouch to hold coins, lip balm, crystals, rocks, or whatever they want to keep close to their heart.

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